Emotions Never Felt So Good

One of the major causes of illness is dis-ease of the body. Whether you have had the most traumatic life, or a few things have gone wrong, you will have feelings that have got trapped in your body. These can affect your body physically or hold you back mentally within your life… without you even knowing.


A Personal Message From

Lilli King

Light worker and Healer

Our subconscious mind is there to protect us but not always in the way that we desire.

I have learnt a technique that uses the subconscious mind to release emotions that have been stored in the body, this may be from:

* passed experiences/traumas where emotions haven’t been fully felt or worked through,

*passed down from parents/ancestors,

*or even absorbed from someone else.

When these emotions are left in the body, they can cloud your mind and judgement or even cause pain and issues within your body.

Unknowingly this was the case for myself, upon using this technique firstly with the help of my sister then being able to do it on myself i have cured some issues that I had been suffering from for over 10 years. One of these being non-epileptic seizures.

When we hold onto these emotions, (whether aware of the fact or not) they can lead to many mental issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, fears, nightmares, relationship problems, or blockages in life.

Once released through a simple technique you will feel lighter and more yourself!

The Approach

How I Can Help

I can give you that missing piece of your life back. I can help you remove the barriers getting in the way. I can put you on the journey to fixing what the doctors can’t. I can help you overcome your trauma.

Almost everyone has emotions stuck in their body. They might be from experiences where an emotion wasn’t, couldn’t or wasn’t “allowed” to be fully worked through. They may have been absorbed from someone else (empaths particularly suffer from this). Or they could have been passed down ancestral lines, from Mum, Dad, Grandparents or further back.

I can help you get closer to healing using a method that taps into your subconscious mind to find these stuck emotions and allow them to pass through and out (many don’t even feel the “negative” emotion at all). I can even teach you how to do this yourself.


The video below shows some absorbed emotions being released to give you an insight into the process. However, please bare in mind that absorbed emotions are not felt as strongly. I have done a lot of work on myself removing my own and ancestral emotions and some take a bit longer to process (and be felt) before being released. You’ll notice that I take a big breath at the 2 minutes point, that’s the feeling happening. The Birds flying away from the tree was a lovely sign too…I always take notice of surroundings in nature and any thoughts or feelings that come into mind whilst going through this process. 

Yawning, farts and burps… these are all signs of the emotion/energy leaving the body.  


Sessions are available online via Whereby and in person (location dependent).

Sessions start at £100 and usually last an hour. If you have any reservations or wish to discuss payment plan then please get in touch with no obligation to pay.

I do ask for a £10 deposit when booking to ensure you are commited to your wellbeing. 

Remote Service

This technique can be provided remotely via a video call. You can even learn to do this on yourself

Feel Healthier

Releasing trapped emotions helps you to live a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle


This approach is an holistic approach to dis-ease. It allows you to heal yourself

What Others Say

— Free to be me

— Awake

— Pain Free

— Enlightened

I feel like it opened up a new chapter in my spiritual journey, it was an awesome experience

— Hayles

It’s brilliant. Even though my mum is no longer with us we were able to contact to the feelings that she left behind in me and remove them.

— Andie

I used to get hysterical and crazy when a black and white flying insect came near me. A few days post doing some Emogic I caught a wasp in a glass and let it go outside, I have never been able to stop screaming or running away to be able to do this before, I even felt calm!!! Thank you so much for your help.

— Sam

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