Hearing Babies Cry Upsets Me

Using a therapy technique that gets to the root cause we can find out why babies crying can upset us.

Baby Crying
Girl stood crying looking at the camera

We are naturally programmed to go to a crying baby. Babies are naturally programmed to cry when they need something. Leaving a baby to cry is an outdated method that has been proven to cause more harm than good, including the child giving up on the hope that comfort will come. Imagine how this then forms the adult brain…”no one will come if I cry…So, I won’t cry, I won’t ask for help”.

If this is hitting hard then it is something you need to explore. I can offer you a relaxing relatable coach to look after you and guide you through the process of releasing repressed feelings in your body. Giving you not just a guaranteed sense of relief but also opportunities to heal from your trauma.

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