Hello, my name is Lilli and as the facilitator of your Emogic sessions, my preparation is key to ensuring a successful and transformative experience. I’d like to share with you the steps I take to set up for our online sessions, giving you a glimpse into how I create an environment conducive to deep connection and intuitive guidance.

Preparation is key

Fasting for Enhanced Intuition

  • My day begins with a conscious choice to fast. I’ve found that not eating or fat fasting before a session significantly enhances my ability to connect with my subconscious and listen to my body and intuition. This practice helps me stay attuned and receptive to your needs during the session.

Heart Chakra Activation with Cacao

  • A crucial part of my preparation involves consuming cacao. Known for its heart-opening properties, cacao assists in aligning me with a state of empathy and connectedness. This step ensures that I am emotionally and spiritually open, ready to guide you through your healing journey.

Family Coordination

  • Balancing family life with professional responsibilities is essential. I ensure that my children, who are home-educated, are aware of my session times. Whether it’s arranging entertainment for them or coordinating with their dad to watch over them (if he’s not working in his office), this step helps maintain a distraction-free environment.

Creating a Sacred Space

  • A sign stating “Session in Progress” is placed on my door. This simple yet effective reminder helps to safeguard our session from interruptions, maintaining the sanctity and privacy of our shared space.

Silencing Distractions

  • Minimizing interruptions is key. My phone is set to silent mode to ensure that our session remains uninterrupted and focused.

Reviewing Client History

  • If you are a returning client, I take time to review notes from our previous sessions. For new clients, I go through any notes or messages you’ve shared. This practice helps me tailor the session to your specific journey and needs.

Technology Setup

  • A reliable technical setup is vital. I arrange my laptop and headphones, ensuring everything is in working order. A smooth technological experience is crucial for an uninterrupted session.

Centring Myself

  • Before logging into Whereby.com for our session, I take a few moments for deep, relaxing breaths. This personal grounding technique helps me enter our session calm, focused, and fully present for you.

Waiting for You

  • Finally, I log on to Whereby.com and patiently wait for you to join. This time is spent in quiet contemplation, centring myself and focusing on the intention to provide a supportive, healing space for you.

These preparatory steps are integral to the quality and effectiveness of your Emogic session. They are designed to create a harmonious balance between professional readiness and personal mindfulness, ensuring that each session is conducted in an atmosphere of calm, focus, and heartfelt connection.

If you’re ready to embark on your journey of self-discovery and healing with Emogic, I am here to guide you. Book your session now and experience the transformative power of a well-prepared, empathetic, and intuitive session.

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