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Using a therapy technique that gets to the root cause and helps you get on the road to fixing yourself and your inner child

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Many people go through their entire adult life with the emotional intelligence of a child. Or no emotional intelligence at all. One of the reasons for this can be childhood trauma…were you allowed to cry when you were hurt? Or were you told to… ”man up”…”get over it”…”you’re okay”…”don’t be silly”.

This is not okay! When you are hurt you should be allowed to be hurt and express the emotions that come with that. If these emotions were not expressed or weren’t allowed to be expressed, then they may have become stuck…causing further issues and problems to arise in later life.

I can offer you a relaxing relatable coach to look after you and guide you through the process of releasing repressed feelings in your body. Giving you not just a guaranteed sense of relief but also opportunities to heal from your trauma.

Reaching Out can feel difficult. It doesn't have to be that way!

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